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Science fairs are a competitive exhibition of science projects & tri-fold science fair presentations. Around since 1921, scientific fairs & science expositions are a useful tool bridging the gap between scientific achievement & the knowledge of the general public. Many times science fair participants are school age children ranging from grade school to high school. Students compete against their piers for recognition, prestige & awards.

Science fairs originated from the Society for Science & the Public, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science through its science education programs and publications. Founded by Edward W. Scripps, a renowned journalist, and William Emerson Ritter, a California zoologist, the organization began as Science Service in 1921 with the goal of keeping the public informed of scientific achievements. Science Service began as an editorial news-letter and grew to popularity. Together with the American Institute of the City of New York, Science Service helped create science clubs across the United States in 1941. The following year Science Service & Westinghouse hosted the first Scientific Talent Search. In 1950, after 8 years of success with the Scientific Talent Search, Science Service began the National Science Fair. This soon became known as the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF), and is now the largest pre-college scientific research event in the world! Based in Washington, DC each May more than 1500 students from 52 nations are flown in to compete in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair for scholarships, tuition grants, internships & scientific field trips. With a grand prize $50,000 college scholarship the International Science & Engineering Fair prizes amount to over $4,000,000! In 1999 Science Service partnered with Discovery Communications, Inc & Elmer's Glue to launch Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC), an annual science & engineering research & exhibit competition for students grade 5 through 8 with prizes totaling over $100,000!

Science fairs educate the public on modern scientific achievements in addition to the knowledge gained by the student during the scientific method. There are many educational advantages to science fairs. They require completing a larger project within the short periods of time provided by most schools. Students are guided by teachers & parents through the scientific method to explore new theories & discover the foundations of modern science. With many tools available today to ensure an enriching, educational experience students have more resources to choose from than ever! Showboard is dedicated to providing quality materials & thorough resources for producing an award winning science fair project.

Typically science fair projects are displayed on tri-fold presentation boards. Tri-fold science fair project boards provide stability to the display & promote the flow of organization. Showboard offers several quality project boards in a variety of fun colors to choose from. First, a popular and economical option is a standard, 1 ply, trifold corrugated board. This science fair display board is a best seller & comes in 2 convenient sizes. Cardboard tri fold display boards have 1 sided color & are 48" wide. 1 Ply, corrugated project boards are available in 36" high project boards & 48" high project boards. In addition to the various sizes available, these science fair project boards come in beautiful light blue, yellow, red, green, black & white colors.

Some science fair presentations demand more stability. For heavy weight science projects Showboard offers a heavy duty, 2 ply, corrugated board. These tri-fold cardboard project displays are also available in various colors on one side. Measuring 48" wide and 36" high these premium, trifold, science project displays come in beautiful red, yellow, green, black, light blue & classic white.

For a sleeker, smoother look many teachers & students choose Showboard's Foamtastic Glowboards. Made of heavy duty foam board, these tri fold science project displays are a popular choice! Foam boards start the student out with a smooth & attractive surface. Featuring color on both sides students have more options for displaying their trifold project presentation. Foamtastic tri-fold project boards are available in various colors. Measuring 48" wide and 36" high these science fair project boards come in black, blue, red, green, yellow & classic white.

For a larger than life science fair project Showboard offers Monster boards! These super sized, trifold project boards are made of heavy duty, 2 ply, corrugated board. Durable & sturdy, Monster project boards measure 74" tall and 48" wide. These monster size, science project presentation boards also fold to 30" tall and 36" wide for easy transport in a handy carrying case. Tri-fold Monster project boards come complete with a science project header board. Header boards add stability to your science presentation and an attractive title or heading for your science project. This top notch, tri fold Monster board, cardboard science project display is a sure fire way to catch the judge's eye!

Header boards are a great way to attract attention to a tri-fold science fair project display. Designed for a science fair project heading or title a project header board adds even more stability to the science fair presentation. Showboard offers project header boards in various colors and two convenient styles. Showboard's 1 ply, corrugated project header boards are available in blue, red, black, yellow, green & white on one side. Choose a corrugated science project header to match your tri-fold, cardboard project display or select a contrasting color for a more eye catching effect.

Showboard also offers a series of sturdy, foam science project header boards. Available in blue, red, black, yellow, green & white; foam project header boards feature a sleek, smooth surface & color on both sides. Foam science fair project header boards offer more stability than cardboard headers & compliment Showboard's Foamtastic Glowboards. Foam project header boards are also a great add on to a standard or heavy duty, corrugated, tri-fold project board. Colors between foam project headers & corrugated, trifold project displays will not match exactly. For this reason many choose a contrasting color to add the accent of the project title.

Science fair project header boards and tri-fold presentation displays are not the only thing Showboard offers to help students create an award winning science fair project display! Pre-printed project titles are a great way to add organization to a trifold, science fair project presentation. Showboard offers adhesive backed project display titles; as well as, heavy duty project titles made of perforated index paper. Showboard also carries a large selection of handy guide books filled with ideas & instructions for tri fold science fair project displays. Literature for grades 1-12 geared toward teachers, students & parents can be found at Showboard complete with answer keys, lesson plans & fun ways to get the student involved & enrich their learning experience. In addition to instructional & fun books for students Showboard also offers handy & educational video guides on VHS.

Science fairs don't stop with the tri-fold science project presentations. After the judging takes place award ceremonies are a great way to reward a job well done! Showboard offers a large selection of science fair project awards. Choose from a variety of science fair buttons exclusively offered by Showboard! Ribbons are a classic way to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Participation & Honorable Mention places. Showboard offers standard & rosette science fair ribbons. Made of satin & hot stamped with gold leaf you may also choose customizable science fair ribbons and include your school or organization's name for a personal touch! Top it off with an authentic science fair certificate proclaiming their accomplishments. Showboard offers a full line of exclusive science fair project award certificates for many levels of accomplishment.

Traditional medals and trophies are also a great way to reward the students' science fair project achievements. Showboard is proud to offer holographic science fair medals in addition to the classic antique gold relief medals teachers and schools have turned to for years. Students will appreciate the recognition of their hard work & the prestige amongst their peers when presented with one of Showboard's quality made science fair project award medals. Traditional science fair trophies are also available at Showboard. Choose from 1st, 2nd or 3rd place mylar trophies with the flame of knowledge pictured on the front.

Showboard is proud to offer a complete line of products & resources for science fair project presentations & awards. Tri-fold science fair project displays in 1 ply corrugated, 2 ply corrugated & Foamtastic Glowboards are available in various colors and sizes. Monster size science fair projects are the perfect match for Showboard's Monster tri-fold project board measuring a whopping 74" tall! Top off your trifold science fair project display with an eye catching project header board. Also available in cardboard & foam, with many colors to choose from, science fair project header boards are a great way to add flair & stability to science fair project presentations. Add that finishing touch with pre-printed science project titles available with adhesive backing or in perforated, heavy duty index paper. Showboard provides resources & literature with valuable tips, instructions & ideas for award winning science fair presentations. From science fair project instruction & idea books for grades 1-12 to science fair booklets & guides for teachers & parents Showboard has everything needed for an outstanding science fair. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, no science fair is complete without awards! Showboard offers both classic & modern looking science fair medals, science fair trophies, science fair ribbons, science fair buttons and science fair award certificates. Enrich students experience & keep learning fun & exciting with a quality award from Showboard.

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